Ordering and Pricing

Thank you for your interest in the Amish handmade custom cabinetry of Branch Hill Joinery. We look forward to building you a magnificent kitchen!


Our custom cabinetry is extremely affordable. Since you are buying direct from the actual cabinet shop, there is not intermediary dealers or an expensive showroom to add unnecessary cost.  Naturally, custom cabinets are more expensive than mass-produced items of lesser quality. However, compared to some of the high-end brands or other custom cabinet shops, people find that our pricing is much lower while the quality cannot be surpassed! And with custom, you get exactly what you want!

There are many factors involved with pricing – wood and finish selection, door style, drawer slides, number of cabinets, size of cabinets, exposed sides, and special features all figure into the final pricing. In addition, we do not price our cabinets by the lineal foot, but rather by the number and complexity of design. While we do not want to compromise overall quality, we will make every effort to work with you to save whenever possible and stay within your budget. For example, customers can save substantially by choosing to go with a fewer number of larger cabinets rather than a larger number of smaller cabinets. Note, this also increases the total amount of storage space as well which can really come in handy for smaller kitchens.

Living in Amish farm country, we are naturally attuned to the environment. We use a variety of natural finishes and utilize locally harvested hardwoods and “made in U.S.A.” materials whenever possible.

Visiting Our Shop

If you are able to visit our shop near Coldwater, Michigan, you will see firsthand the quality of our hand made cabinetry. Be sure to contact us beforehand as visits are by appointment only. Our shop is located near Coldwater which is on US-12 halfway between Chicago and Detroit. It is a very easy drive from Ann Arbor. People always genuinely enjoy the trip and the opportunity to meet the craftsmen and get a look at Amish country in Michigan. Samples of our work can also be seen near Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you cannot make it out to visit us, do not despair, we have also worked very successfully long distance with clients nationwide.

To set up an appointment or to find out more information, please contact:

Anna Gordon
(734) 223-5530
Dexter, Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Moving Forward

To start, you will need to send us an initial kitchen design that includes the number and sizing of the cabinets that you will need, along with your preferred door style and wood preference. From this, we can give you a ballpark estimate. Please realize that the final price may increase if you add additional features or make changes to your original specifications.

To move forward, you will need to place a design deposit and I will work with you to finalize your kitchen plans while working with you to stay within your budget. Design cost for a Kitchen is a minimum of $300 which includes 6 hours of design work.  Additional design hours are billed at $60/hour.

It usually takes about 2-6 months from start to finish to plan and build a kitchen. In addition, there may be other kitchens already in the queue, so it is important to start the planning process early. At the time of your order, we will give you a target date for delivery. We very rarely miss our target, however, farm life (or any life) is not predictable and we cannot guarantee delivery dates.

Once your plans are finalized, a 50% deposit (non-refundable) is required on all furniture & cabinet orders (depending upon our current lead time). The balance is due before or at the time of delivery. All items are custom made one at a time, and are therefore not returnable.


Insured delivery is available anywhere within the U.S. however, it is costly. Most of our customers hail from all around Michigan (including Detroit, Ann Arbor, Traverse City, and more) as well as the Chicago Illinois vicinity. References are available upon request.