About Us

Back in 1995. I was searching for “real wood” bookcases, which seemed impossible to find at regular furniture stores. Through a friend, became acquainted with a group of Amish in southern Michigan. From there, I teamed up with an extremely talented Amish woodworker and craftsman and the Branch Hill Joinery handmade Amish furniture and custom Amish cabinetry business began. I bought a small farm nearby and we built a wood shop suitable for production work. The family still does the majority of the construction work right at their own farm workshop, thus preserving their rural lifestyle and traditional use of hand tools.


Living in Amish farm country, we naturally live closely with the environment. Here, we are dedicated to building high quality, custom Amish furniture and cabinets using solid woods along with traditional construction methods and old-fashioned hand tools. Whenever possible, we utilize sustainable locally harvested wood and non-toxic finishes that are comprised of natural oils. Our designs are primarily created in traditional Shaker, Mission, or Craftsman styles, but we can also build contemporary styles.

I work individually with each client to design the furniture and cabinetry to meet their needs while incorporating classic styling and pleasing proportions. Once we are set on the design, I work directly with the Amish craftsmen to make sure each piece is made to your exact specifications.

Just a few hand tools including hand planes and chisels, quality lumber, and the spirit of true craftsmanship prevail. Hand tooling provides a unique and lasting beauty to each piece. You can see and feel the difference. It is sometimes difficult to remember that the much sought after early American antiques were once brand new, and made in a similar way.

I welcome you to visit our workshop near Coldwater, Michigan, or my showroom in Dexter, Michigan (just outside of Ann Arbor).  The workshop is located about half way between Detroit Michigan and Chicago Illinois. All visits are by appointment only. I am pleased to invite you to enjoy the exquisite Amish craftsmanship offered by Branch Hill Joinery for your custom furniture, cabinetry & Amish quilts.

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Anna Gordon
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Dexter / Ann Arbor MI